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Is this server still on? Such a fun server to play on back in the day
As you can see, winning the lottery is much more likely than getting sick with any virus. It is important to be financially independent in these turbulent times.
IS this server gonna make a return soon?
Ya'll about to get SHOT. Where TF is my old profile >:(
I dropped my Hot Pocket. Lemme know if you find it.
heyy! long time no see, how's it going?
dm me on discord, i rarely check the site xd
My dog's an ass ;-;
I put three habaneros on my French Toast today and my butthole didn't like it. Love you. Bye. -Korn
That's pretty hot! love you too Korn!
I am currently at school and I think I can safely say that I hate Wednesdays.

It's my job to be as irrelevant as possible so, heres 3 random facts.

I have fucking GRRRLS stuck in my head and i wanna kms cuz of it.

I've never felt so fucking masculine and feminine at the same time

my gay energy has I N T E N S I F I E D (Oops)