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Hello there! It's been a long while since I have visited Imperial Networks, and there seems to be quite a decent amount of updates since the last time I was in the server and its forums. Considering the majority of you don't know me, or probably don't remember me, I shall go ahead and introduce myself.

My name is Silver. For those that don't remember, perhaps that name rings a bell. I was a member of IN staff in Survival, when Survival still existed. At that time, my IGN was 5ILV3R, and I mainly hung out in Survival, Prison, and SkyBlock. I left the server after the staff at the time had a fallout with an ex-staff hacker, and I decided that being staff at that time wasn't the best idea, so I just withdrew myself from the server and (at the time) Enjin forums, and I never spoke to anyone there again, with the exception of a friend who I shared a server or two with. I have returned to play video games after a six-month hiatus/cleanse, and because of this long break, I have lost the majority of my friends on MC, as well as servers I used to play on. IN was the first server that came to my mind, and I actually hopped into the server's lobby for the first time in about a year.

Now for the fun facts about myself. I will turn 21 in a little under three weeks, and I am currently in a therapy program designed to help me learn to be physically and financially dependent, as well as helping me learn to cope with any other life issues I struggle with, from anxiety and depression to executive functioning and health. I currently am a sophomore college dropout, and I will return to school when I graduate from my therapy program. I have a part-time job captioning phone calls to those who are hard-of-hearing, and I plan on continuing in this field, both in my job and in school. In my spare time besides gaming, I like to surf the Internet, primarily YouTube and social media.

I hope I can connect with new players, and reconnect with a few familiar names that still belong to IN. To those who cared enough to reach the end of my introduction, or even leave a comment, thanks for taking the time for you to at least recognize me.