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  1. Norman1512

    Prison More pickaxes in Prison

    I'm unsure on how much you have played on our prison server, but them pickaxes you've mentioned do exist. Current rank pickaxes: A (starter), C, F, H, K, M, O, Q, U, X, P1, P2, P3, P4 & P5.
  2. Norman1512

    Prison [Prison 5.0] Suggestions Thread

    Thanks for the suggestions, however the donator classes for Mob Arena will be obtained by donations only - this is the same with donator tags. I'm going to be changing the rewards to give out crate keys every so often, rather than how it is structured at the moment, I just need to put some time...
  3. Norman1512

    Prison [Prison 5.0] Suggestions Thread

    Multiple key rewards or money rewards never crossed my mind. I'll add these now, however I will not be adding donator kits as a reward. Thanks for the suggestions, Norman.
  4. Norman1512

    Update Prison 5.0 Reborn

    Hey all, Today we have an announcement to make! Recently we released Prison 5.0 and unfortunately the server did not comply with our high standards. Because of this, we have decided to restart and bring out a new reset - Prison 5.0 Reborn! Here at Imperial, we like to ensure that the community...
  5. Norman1512

    Factions [Factions] Suggestions Thread

    Hi all, As some of you may know, has started on the Factions server. As normal, we always want the players to be able to have what they want in a server, so please leave any suggestions below. NOTE: We are aware that the current player base isn't suitable for a Factions server, we are...
  6. Norman1512

    Skyblock Color Section in /shop in Prison

    Currently there is no need of adding coloured clay to /warp shop as /warp clay consists of every clay block - this is the same with glass, /warp glass. Would you prefer a wool mine or wool to be added to the shop?
  7. Norman1512

    Prison [Prison 5.0] Suggestions Thread

    Hi all, As most of you will know, Prison 5.0 has finally been released. We have received countless suggestions since the launch of the server so we have come to the conclusion that it would be beneficial to use the forums. Please use the format below when posting a suggestion: Suggestion...
  8. Norman1512

    Estamated date for factions to be released?

    Currently Factions doesn't have an exact release date. If you look back on the website soon there will be more information. For the duration of the new map, you will have your Bedrock rank as ranks carry over!
  9. Norman1512

    Dogs of Imperial (Post a picture of your dog)

    Joel, your dog is the cutest. I rescued my dog from a local rescue center.