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  1. Tobo

    Creative What are the terms on Refunds of purchases?

    To answer your question, If you try and do a chargeback you will be banned. We don't give refunds for any reason, I will paste the terms of purchase below. Payments to Imperial Networks is a payment for the virtual items contained in the purchase. This transaction is final and there are no...
  2. Tobo

    Dark Theme View

    We do have a dark mode, scroll to the bottom ;)
  3. Tobo

    Returning Oldie

    Welcome back to the server!
  4. Tobo


    Welcome back to the server!
  5. Tobo


    Welcome back to the server!
  6. Tobo


    How long have you been here
  7. Tobo


    About 5 years or so
  8. Tobo


    I'm great, how are you
  9. Tobo


    Hey Kingcap! Welcome to our server!
  10. Tobo


    That's Mr. Sir to you
  11. Tobo


  12. Tobo


    Hello and welcome to our server!
  13. Tobo

    Two Questions

    1: I don't think Skyblock will be resetting when grande comes out because it reset in July, but who knows. We don't know about a release date quite yet for grande, but the higher staff are trying to get an advertisement slot at the same time so it'll have a decent population. 2: You can't...
  14. Tobo

    Greetings and Salutations!

    Hello and welcome to our wonderful server!
  15. Tobo


    What's up my dude
  16. Tobo

    Hey, I guess.

    Welcome to the server
  17. Tobo

    Resolved Problems with extra homes

    First off, its Titanium not Titan Anyways /is sethome is what you do when you wanna change the location that you teleport to when you do /is (which only the island owner can do) What you want is /sethome (name), which you now have 10 of
  18. Tobo

    What's your favorite, earliest memory of SC/IMC, or just Minecraft in general?

    The 1k factions players back in 2013 or 2014 (cant remember) was prob one of my favorite things but one of the more recent ones was us placing about 25 dubs of tnt on factions and setting it off right before it closed. Crashed the server a few times and i think joel had to roll it back
  19. Tobo

    Imperial Computer Setups

    Case: NZXT Source 210 OS: Win 10 CPU: AMD FX-8350 Memory: 8 GB G.Skill Sniper Hard Drive: 1TB HDD x2 Video Card: MSI R9 380 Headphones: HyperX Cloud 2 Mouse: Razer Naga Keyboard: Corsiar k70
  20. Tobo

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the server!