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  1. AStar_

    Skyblock Skyblock Suggestions

    I completely understand your suggestion; however, Skyblock is down due to some issues regarding people gaining permissions they were not supposed to have, just so that can be cleared up.
  2. AStar_

    Other Im wanting to make the server live again.

    Alright I tried to let this thread go for as long as possible, but thread has gotten of track from it's original intention. Thread Locked.
  3. AStar_

    Skyblock Prevent Villager despawning.

    I mean your frustrations with the despawning, but we do it for lag issues. I am aware that there aren’t many players on, but if we allow tons of mobs to spawn without some type of clear then the server could crash. For now the name tag way is probably the best way to work around that.
  4. AStar_

    Resolved Wanting to get in contact with staff members

    You can appeal and I'll talk to you through there. I don't like to work on appeals through private messages as other staff members might not have all the information.
  5. AStar_

    Resolved Proxy

    hmmm I thought I had fixed that. Well I teleported you out of the area, so you should be able to rejoin. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. AStar_

    Hub the fall of imperial networks - can it be revived?

    Well… this is got interesting. Before I start, I have been watching this thread closely and due to some serious time restraints and I haven’t had time to make a post about this. I guess I need to now or else this is going to spiral out of control. To start, Thank You for pointing out things...
  7. AStar_

    Game Idea :)

    Meh 7
  8. AStar_

    Happy Thanksgiving Yall

    Happy Thanksgiving
  9. AStar_

    Skyblock MSBGA!

    The lag issues have been fixed. Sorry about that!
  10. AStar_


    Ayyy what’s up?
  11. AStar_

    Been a while

  12. AStar_


    cool. Welcome back.
  13. AStar_

    How to Get JKnetz to AFK Your Cow Spawners!

    Hmmmm, I think this might work. I will have to try this at some point. I could use an AFK pet.
  14. AStar_

    Saiune is back on the forums! yaaay

    Ayyyy! Welcome Back!
  15. AStar_

    Skyblock Iron Golem's for In-Game Purchasing

    Absolutely not. Iron Golem spawners are EXTREMELY overpowered, and considering the current baltop selling Iron Golems spawners for 100k is absolutely not a good idea. These players could easily buy 10 IGs and once you have IGs, you have the snowball effect. Along with this each Iron Ingot sells...
  16. AStar_


    A big welcome indeed!
  17. AStar_

    Resolved Where do i apply for a rank like moderetor or admin?

    Exactly what was said above. You must find it yourself.
  18. AStar_

    Skyblock update skyblock for 1.13

    1.13 added a lot of things that hurts backwards capability, so it is going to take some time for devs to program an update. In addition, 1.13 JUST came out so there are likely going to be bugs while connecting to the server using 1.13. We have given 1.13 connection availability, but we HIGHLY...
  19. AStar_

    Prison Release Question

  20. AStar_

    Hey Everyone!

    I didn't mean you I meant the OP.