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  1. Flip

    my account got hacked :(

    After recently using my other account vasqi since i could not login my main account for some reason for about 24 hours I had just found out my Flip8id3 account was hacked about 2 days ago. I found out fter scrolling through NameMC my name got changed to _XYZ_1337. rip flip
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    Creative Creative Plots

    So I was hopping around the server and I was wondering which plots am I added to. As a suggestion would it be possible for a command that allows you to see the history of plots you have been trusted/added to. It would be really great to see plots of old friends I have forgotten.
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    Denied Build Team application

    ay zeep long time no see
  4. Flip

    Denied My Builder Thread.

    Alezian, you should be showcasing your own build unlike presenting a build that you made with others.
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    hey guys check out my new build

    this took long time (like really long time) so i hope you appreciate the beauty of what it is. thanks you guys (the file was too large to upload) well i hope you like it, i hope i get accepted to the build team
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    Build Competition On Creative! (ENDS 14 OCT)

    Heres a rushed demonstration of what your finished house could look like: Things that you could add to your house: - Include landscaping - Doing the interior
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    Build Competition On Creative! (ENDS 14 OCT)

    So there isn't much going on the creative server so I thought it would be a great idea to host a fun little build competition! For the build competition, you will turn one of my scaffolds on my plot into a house which can be any theme (medieval, suburban, modern). You all have 10 days which...
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    I've been playing this server for over 4 years, my favorite thing to play on this server was Skywars, I loved it and made a lot of friends there. The reset has been great and kept the server going but one thing that has been forgotten was Skywars! There is a lot of chatter and rumours about...
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  10. Flip

    Who wants to help build on my creative plot?!?!

    I need help with my creative plot from Gardening to house building and terraforming I need you guys to contribute! I'm on every Thursday-Saturday guaranteed and through the week in the evening as I have school.
  11. Flip

    Is Imperial ever going to be like the old days?

    Can someone just bring skywars back already