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  1. Sidewinder

    Other Im wanting to make the server live again.

    Yes is the ip this servers is using, had some issues with the device getting paid, so the server is not up at this time. Its being worked on.Also the "remake" of swagcraft is not affiliated with us at all.
  2. Sidewinder


    Hey! Welcome to the server, need any help feel free to pm me here or on the discord.
  3. Sidewinder

    Happy Thanksgiving Yall

    Just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
  4. Sidewinder


    Glad to see you back! If you need anything feel free to message me on here or discord.
  5. Sidewinder


  6. Sidewinder


  7. Sidewinder

    Greetings and Salutations!

    Hey, welcome to the server! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  8. Sidewinder

    Please make an appeal here.

    Please make an appeal here.
  9. Sidewinder

    Imperial Computer Setups

    Case: thermaltake level 10 gt Power Supply: OS: Ubuntu 18.04 Motherboard: asus B85ME CPU: intel® Core™ i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00GHz × 4 Memory: 8gb ram Hard Drive: 250gb SSD for boot 1tb for /home directory 2tb HDD for media. Also 6tb backup server l own in a different town. Video Card: GeForce GTX...
  10. Sidewinder

    Resolved Supporter

    If you mean you would like to donate to the server, than you could visit the server shop @ Theres diffrent ranks you can donate for depending on the server you would like.
  11. Sidewinder


    Hey, happy birthday! Hope you have an awesome day!
  12. Sidewinder

    Resolved Teamleader Banned

    He has been unbanned. So this is action is no longer needed.
  13. Sidewinder


    Glad to see you join the forums!
  14. Sidewinder


    Please appeal in the correct section
  15. Sidewinder

    Hi Everyone

    Im glad you think that! Welcome to the forums.
  16. Sidewinder

    Hello Everyone

    Going good! Welcome to the forums
  17. Sidewinder

    Saiune is back on the forums! yaaay

    Welcome back!
  18. Sidewinder

    Greetings :D

    Hey, welcome to the server!
  19. Sidewinder

    Skyblock Ore Generator

    We already have gen upgrades for skyblock. Check out /gen and /upgrades to see the list of available upgrades. Also take a look at /warp guide in game.
  20. Sidewinder

    Hey Guys

    Hows it going?