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  1. Sidewinder

    Happy Thanksgiving Yall

    Just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
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    Guide Allowed Mod List for Imperial

    This list of modifications are allowed to be used on any Imperial Network server, any mods that are not on this list are NOT allowed. Using mods that are not listed on this page will result in a ban. If you think there should be a mod you have found, added to this list, please comment below...
  3. Sidewinder

    Imperial Computer Setups

    Lets see what everyone plays ImperialMC on!
  4. Sidewinder

    Plug.DJ Official imperialmc Room

    To start off, I do have permission to post this. Hey yall, I think we all know what this thread is about. That's right, Plug DJ is back! First off we'll start simple with how you join the room. Simply head over to the room by following this Plug.DJ Create an account and start exploring the...
  5. Sidewinder


    New forum, so I decided to post an intro just saying hey.