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Update Skyblock 8 + Towny Reset & Updates

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Hey there Kings & Queens!

As promised, two of the announced revamps have finally happened and everything went smooth.
Server IP
Imperial Networks official IP has been changed from to Don't forget to update it in your server list because pretty soon the old IP will no longer work!


Hope everyone is enjoying the Skyblock and Towny reset. It was long awaited but the wait was definitely worth it.
Here is the changelog for this update.

  • New spawn
  • Visual island border, toggle it on or off using /isborder toggle
  • Daily rewards
  • GUI /shop has replaced the physical shop
  • Token system has been added, gain tokens by voting and use them to buy vouchers, keys etc.. /token
  • Remote control furnaces
  • Earn achievements /aach list
  • Top monthly donators and voters displayed at spawn
  • Buy temporary fly using tokens /flymenu
  • Added Mining Minions, they will auto mine for you!
  • Quest Scrolls with treasures /quests

Monthly Top Island Prizes
Win store vouchers for having the top island at the end of each month!

1st place: $100
2nd place: $50
3rd place: $25

  • New spawn
  • Jobs have returned
  • Fun quests with rewards
  • Player bounties
  • Nether and end warps
  • Bar gambling
  • New pet system
  • Cosmetic mystery boxes

The spawn was getting a little boring so we decided to bring back an old timeless build that is probably new to most of you but a lot of the older members will remember it. Ahh the nostalgia! You can still use your compass or choose a server NPC to navigate through different gamemodes on the network.

Vote Links
A few more vote links have been added which means more rewards! There are now 6 links in total. Remember, voting for the server not only gives cool rewards but it helps us stay at a high rank on server listings thus bringing in new players.

Reset Sale
Don't miss out on the 65% off everything reset sale! It will be ending very soon.

As always, enjoy the fresh new updates and thanks for playing on our servers!​

Announcement Imperial: The Revival

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This is the official server revamp thread that we’ve been hinting for a little while now. In this thread, we will be covering our plans for each server we have to offer on Imperial Networks, including Factions. We’ll be looking over this thread frequently to answer any questions we have from the community, or even suggestions: all are welcome.

Furthermore, we’d like to thank everyone who’s stuck with us all this time. Our last major update was made in 2017, and we’re nearing the middle of 2018. Yes, it’s late, maybe too late, but it’s better that we give you the server that you want and deserve.

Finally, we’re not aiming to release sub-par servers. We are aiming to have working, enjoyable servers that is ready to go from the start. Sure, there may be a few issues at the beginning, but after that, it only goes up. This will explain the length of time it may take between server releases, but all work will be done with a sense of urgency. This contrasts some of our previous releases, where major fixes had to be done to ensure a working server. As you can see, we’re trying to learn from our mistakes.

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