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Update Prison 5.0 Reborn

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Hey all,
Today we have an announcement to make!

Recently we released Prison 5.0 and unfortunately the server did not comply with our high standards. Because of this, we have decided to restart and bring out a new reset - Prison 5.0 Reborn!

Here at Imperial, we like make sure that the community have large input on the content we release. This is why we have made the additions requested by the community via our Suggestions Thread.

On behalf of the staff team we would like to thank FantaShots, CobbOfficial, SKYLORD_SWORDMAN and Stuartinator12 for their continuous support as well as submitting their ideas.

To ensure you know what we have changed from Prison 5.0, a changelog will be listed below.

Change Log
  • A general reset (including balances, plots, tokens, etc).
  • A new economy.
  • New mine percentages.
  • New rankup & prestige prices.
  • Prestige mines.
  • Prestige rewards (/kit).
  • Donator mines have been added.
  • ShopGUI has been removed.
  • KoTH has been added at /warp pvp.
  • Hay bales have been replaced with Obsidian (/warp pvp).
  • Token currency ratio is now 1:1 rather than 3:1.
  • Updated vote rewards.
  • Crates have been updated (Vote, Epic & Swag).
  • Rankup, Event and Disguise crate(s) has been added.
  • Kits pickaxes are more frequent (Starter, C, F, H, K, M, O, U, Q and X).
  • Donator kits have been revamped.
  • God Apples are easier to obtain.
  • /token shop has been updated.
  • /invsee is now a donator perk for Ace+
  • Multipliers have been removed.
  • Bounties have been added (/bounty)!
  • Chat Reaction has been added (min. 10 players).
More features will implement soon, such as Custom Enchants and Mob Arena!
If you have any ideas which we could potentially add to the prison server, please submit your suggestions here.

Plot of The Month
Plot of The Month for Prison is back!

Rewards for Plot of The Month:
1. $100 Buycraft Voucher
2. $50 Buycraft Voucher
3. $25 Buycraft Voucher

Reset Sale
Don’t miss out on the unbelievable reset sale - 70% off everything! This offer will be ending soon!​

Imperial Team.

Update Profile Covers + Link Minecraft To Website

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Hey all,
We have some cool forum updates for you today! :crown:

Profile covers
Spice up your profile with a custom cover! To set a cover, visit your profile and click COVER. Then choose a color or image and click OKAY, you can then position the image to your liking and SAVE.

Link Minecraft character to website
You are now able to link your Minecraft character with the website! If you do not already have a forum avatar then your Minecraft head will be used. Your Minecraft username and head will also be shown in threads and posts.

- Imperial Team​

Update Skyblock 8 + Towny Reset & Updates

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Hey there Kings & Queens!

As promised, two of the announced revamps have finally happened and everything went smooth.
Server IP
Imperial Networks official IP has been changed from to Don't forget to update it in your server list because pretty soon the old IP will no longer work!


Hope everyone is enjoying the Skyblock and Towny reset. It was long awaited but the wait was definitely worth it.
Here is the changelog for this update.

  • New spawn
  • Visual island border, toggle it on or off using /isborder toggle
  • Daily rewards
  • GUI /shop has replaced the physical shop
  • Token system has been added, gain tokens by voting and use them to buy vouchers, keys etc.. /token
  • Remote control furnaces
  • Earn achievements /aach list
  • Top monthly donators and voters displayed at spawn
  • Buy temporary fly using tokens /flymenu
  • Added Mining Minions, they will auto mine for you!
  • Quest Scrolls with treasures /quests

Monthly Top Island Prizes
Win store vouchers for having the top island at the end of each month!

1st place: $100
2nd place: $50
3rd place: $25

  • New spawn
  • Jobs have returned
  • Fun quests with rewards
  • Player bounties
  • Nether and end warps
  • Bar gambling
  • New pet system
  • Cosmetic mystery boxes

The spawn was getting a little boring so we decided to bring back an old timeless build that is probably new to most of you but a lot of the older members will remember it. Ahh the nostalgia! You can still use your compass or choose a server NPC to navigate through different gamemodes on the network.

Vote Links
A few more vote links have been added which means more rewards! There are now 6 links in total. Remember, voting for the server not only gives cool rewards but it helps us stay at a high rank on server listings thus bringing in new players.

Reset Sale
Don't miss out on the 65% off everything reset sale! It will be ending very soon.

As always, enjoy the fresh new updates and thanks for playing on our servers!​

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