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Update Network Update

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The all-important update as we approach the holiday season!

First and foremost, most of you by now should have taken note of the resignation of our former Co-Owner, Salamananders. It was with a heavy heart that Shameel announced that he'd be leaving the network as other areas in his personal life required more focus and attention. As you all know, his contributions to the network were unprecedented, and he will be sorely missed. If you happen to catch him online at any point, make sure to thank him for his work!

With this being said, it's time to keep moving forward. Joel and I will be releasing a number of new updates for you all to enjoy, as many finish school and other commitments for the year, and seek new game modes to fill the spare time. Primarily, we will be releasing Skyblock Grand as promised, but a little bit later than expected. You can expect a release date announced within the next few weeks. Additionally, I'll briefly detail some of the other additions & updates to look for. While the list will be rather ambiguous, and doesn't do much to cover any additional details for any of the items included, rest assured this information will come soon enough.

- Skyblock Grand Release
- Full Towny Revamp and Reset
- KitPvP Update (Kit reworking & balancing)
- New Minigame Releases
- Network-wide events. (Keep an eye out for schedules!)
- Factions Launch (Details coming soon)
- RPG Beta Launch (Signup will be released shortly)

Yes, you read that correctly. As of December 1, we'll be launching our very own, custom RPG (Role-playing game). For those with no idea what this entails, think Skyrim, Runescape etc. This will be a closed beta as we work to iron out any kinks and bugs with the game mode before releasing officially for all to enjoy. However, you will be able to apply to be included in the testing group, where you'll get early access in return for reporting any bugs and glitches you stumble upon. More information will be released in a detailed thread that I'll link here when it's posted.

As a final note, we have a few promotions in the staff team that some of you may not have seen yet. W63 (formerly batnein) is back as Creative Moderator, while 123tobo has been promoted to Skyblock Moderator. NarcolepticLlama has also joined the Towny team, in addition to his regular duties on Skyblock.

Thank you for the continued support,
Imperial Team​

Update Skyblock / Grand Update

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Well, this is kinda awkward.

We'll be delaying the release of Skyblock Grand to a different date. Although I'm fully ready to release it right now, and we would've been bang-on schedule, we just simply cannot release it at the moment, for it to have an impactful beginning. I mentioned in our Revival plans that transparency is a value that we will be incorporating into our server resets and developments, so I'll be straight up: We are not releasing it right now because of the low traffic of (new) players on the server. We will be striving to secure another advertisement slot as soon as we can, and giving you all a new release date to look forward to.

I apologize for any inconveniences that this has caused and for hyping something up that didn't come out at the advertised date.

Anyway, to make up for this, considering I don't have to work on any servers at the moment, what do you guys want? Do you want a new TDM map? A new feature for Skyblock? Is there an annoying tree in the middle of Towny's spawn that you want to be removed? Tell me what you want and add a bit of description to it and I'll work towards it!

Nonetheless, I'm likely to add more things to Skyblock Grand as well, so if you have any suggestions for that as well, just ask!

like fr, if you ask, you'll probably get it

Thank you for your support, everyone!

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