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Announcement Imperial: The Revival

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This is the official server revamp thread that we’ve been hinting for a little while now. In this thread, we will be covering our plans for each server we have to offer on Imperial Networks, including Factions. We’ll be looking over this thread frequently to answer any questions we have from the community, or even suggestions: all are welcome.

Furthermore, we’d like to thank everyone who’s stuck with us all this time. Our last major update was made in 2017, and we’re nearing the middle of 2018. Yes, it’s late, maybe too late, but it’s better that we give you the server that you want and deserve.

Finally, we’re not aiming to release sub-par servers. We are aiming to have working, enjoyable servers that is ready to go from the start. Sure, there may be a few issues at the beginning, but after that, it only goes up. This will explain the length of time it may take between server...

Announcement Welcome to Imperial v2

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Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed we have migrated from our old forums which was hosted on Enjin to our very own! This means you will have to sign up and register for a new account. But don't worry, we've made this process very simple as you have multiple options to register from such as Discord, Twitter or your Google Account.

We are still adding new stuff and updating things so if you notice some things missing, you know why!

Imperial Staff :)

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