Factions 8.0

JKnetz OwnerADMIN posted May 6, 16

Ahh, the iconic logo that will never be forgotten.
You all know what this post is about.

Factions 8.0 has been long awaited and is now finally released with tons of fun new features! Ofcourse, we've kept the same great aspect that we once had, below you'll find all of the changes that were made.


  • Fresh new map with a custom generated terrain
  • Anti V-Clipping has been added
  • Enderpearl clipping fixed
  • Enderpearls will have a 15 second cooldown
  • Use /crafttnt | /tnt to craft TNT using gunpowder for $7 per craft
  • When shooting cannons from east/west, entities no longer drift
  • Dispensers will no longer be skipped when shooting cannons
  • Auction your items using the auctionhouse /ah
  • End world border is now flat with a size of 5k
  • Sand will no longer go above max height of world (256 blocks)
  • Use /f perm to view your faction permissions
  • Slime spawners will work anywhere
  • Lava will function the same as water when sponge is next to it
  • Improved /f map to help with raids and claims
  • Default player power is now 20, power will increase 2x as fast
  • Worldborder can be seen as dark dashes on /f map
  • You can now stack water/lava buckets
  • TPA inside faction land has been enabled
  • Clearlag will no longer remove items
  • New and improved combat logging system
  • Enderpearling in combat will result in your tag time being reset
  • Removed /fly and /god from donor ranks
  • Use /f fly instead of /fly - only works in your own land
  • Fly will automatically disable if an enemy comes near (50 blocks)
  • Falling blocks will now land on top of signs instead of passing through
  • You will no longer knockback when TNT explodes
  • VIP kits have been buffed
  • Using /fix costs $5k per use
  • Sponge no longer turns into wet sponge
  • Wet sponge will work like a normal sponge
  • Inventories will be shown on death when killed (in a message)
  • Free-camming is now prevented
  • ObsidianDestroyer will now blow up lava, cobb webs, and cactus
  • Obsidian can take up to 5 hits under water
  • Armor durability will last 2x longer when in PVP
  • Lava flow speed has been increased
  • Last Man Standing (LMS) and King of The Hill (KoTH) has been added!

Hope you all enjoy this release, now go have fun raiding!
(special thanks to CullanP and Seitenshi for their hard work on this reset)

- Imperial Staff

123tobo VIPHOUNDTITANIUM It's really annoying not being able to /fly, maybe back it so that you can't fly in neutral or enemy territory...
iVages HELPER There it is!