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Skyblock 5.0

JKnetz OwnerADMIN posted Apr 15, 16


Yes, the Skyblock reset is finally here!

For this new update/reset, we've switched out the core plugin to one that's reliable, more user friendly and most importantly, optimized for performance.

As always, the new features/updates are listed below!

  • Auction house - list your items up for sale with /ah
  • Cobblestone generators will give ores based on island level
  • Economy has been entirely redone
  • New island challenges for you to complete
  • New perks added to VIP ranks
  • Withdraw your money into bank notes - /withdraw
  • Improved Combat Tag system
  • Introducing nether islands!
  • Greenhouses - build biome greenhouses for biome farming!
  • /is GUI menu for easy access to commands

Crate keys can be earned in a few different ways such as donating, voting, or from drop parties! These crates contain valuable items such as spawners, and money up to $150,000! Visit /warp crates to use your keys.


Tyric12 CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
HotNCold IRIS Niiice. I may be a creative player, but skyblock is alright; considering this sounds quite cool. (:
Senpoof MODCHAMPION sounds pretty lame

Prison 3.0

JKnetz OwnerADMIN posted Apr 3, 16

You've all been eagerly waiting for the OP Prison 3.0 reset. Well, we're happy to say that it's finally here.

Below you'll find a few of the new features that were added

  • Beautiful spawn with A-L mines attached
  • Warp GUI for easy teleportation to mines /warp
  • Kit GUI with your available kits /kit
  • Daily, monthly, and weekly kits are now available to use
  • No more chest shop limits
  • Health is now shown below player names
  • Pay other players with /pay
  • Introducing enchant tokens, earn these by voting, donating, or mining.
  • Night vision will be on by default in all mines
  • Plot system has been switched from PlotMe to PlotSquared
  • New combat tag system to prevent PVP loggers

You can now earn crate keys to use on three different chests at spawn. Each chest will reward you with a random prize. You can earn keys by voting or donating.

We hope you guys are enjoying this reset as much as we enjoyed making it.

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