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Happy Holidays!

JKnetz Owner
JKnetz @ Imperial Skyblock
posted Dec 9, 16

Christmas and New Years is right around the corner. Hope everyone is as excited for the winter holidays as we are!

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Visit the web store using the shop link above.

Also be sure to look out for updates and revamps these upcoming weeks!

- Imperial Team

Survival Games Dev Update

CodeBeasty DEV posted Oct 2, 16

Hello players of ImperialMC,

I know we missed the deadline again, but nothing becomes great withot going through hurdles. Many games go through multiple delays before being perfect, just a reason not to lash out at any of us. We are making significant progress to release and here is a video to show you guys.

I am still adding abilities as we speak, I calculated that it takes about 5 minutes to make 1 ability on average and 10 minutes to test, so about 15 minutes for each ability. There is over 90 abilities I have to code, 90 * 15 = 1350 minutes to finish and test all abilities. Which equates to 22.5 hours of work. So you can see, I cannot do that in one day. I also have multiple things going on in a day and I run two technology clubs. So please bare with me.

That is what we have so far and it is tested and WORKS.

I will also be active on the forums now, so I will be looking at your threads and responding to your questions.

Thank you very much for reading! I hope you guys are excited like I am and I will be giving frequent updates.