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1000+ Players!

JKnetz aOWNER posted Sep 7, 14

It's been a while since we've been in the thousands, I'm very excited that we were able to get back at it! Thanks for all the support and we hope you are enjoying the servers.

To celebrate, take 10% off any purchase from the web store above!

MoodyDragon30878 JKnetz, I have a problem on the creative server! After just recently, it's been crashing my game going on your server! F ...
ODST_Helljumper VIPBEAST I hope we can reach 2k one day ...
bigltx can someone help i got banned while i was on vacation and i did't mean for my cousins to get on and get me banned this i ...

Server T-Shirts!

JKnetz aOWNER posted Sep 5, 14

I finally found a service that screen prints T-shirts in an amazing quality. However, they require at least 20 people to be interested in buying before they can start producing. 

Here's how it'd look with the Imperial logo on.

If you're interested and want to reserve one, check it out here

The first 20 reserves will also receive a $20 web store voucher to use on any purchase!

ramie3 Guys just wanted to say that you can join myne and Ramrot_2010 website ...
SupremeLordMC VIPVIP+ I am getting mine on October 15 ...
Conetopia VIP Sell your Shirts to Wal-Mart and become a massive retailer.
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