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Kit PvP Updates/Changes

Seitenshi Sys-Admin posted Fri at 19:57


Kit PvP has been fully updated to 1.8.

I understand that some of you may not agree but,
in order for progress to be made, updates NEED to happen. The 1.8 update fixes
various bugs to do with knockback and it's just way easier to develop stuff in general.
Down below are some changes:

  • Fixed relog glitch where you'd take no KB
  • Removed unused kits from the core plugin
  • Fixed an issue with tab plugins conflicting
  • Fixed an issue in NoCheatPlus
  • Added an Anti-Cheat (Finally)
  • Added a few donator perks (
  • Added Emotes for VIP+ and above (
  • Buffed/Debuffed certain kits
  • Changes to the core plugin/server (Optimization)
  • More changes coming soon... (Real soon)

If you have any more suggestions/ideas feel free to make
a post on the forums with suggestions.

Thanks for reading,

- Seitenshi

Win a Razer Mamba + Firefly!

JKnetz Owner posted Jul 11, 16

It's been a while (a long while) since we've done a giveaway! I think it's only right to do a giveaway once in a while to appreciate you all being here and playing on our servers. Last time we gave away a Razer Blackwidow Chroma, this time it will be a Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse + Razer Firefly Gaming Mouse Mat!

To enter, you must simply do the following four steps:

1. Follow us on Twitter
2. Retweet our giveaway tweet
3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

4. Like our Facebook page

Congrats to Pearple for winning this giveaway, enjoy!