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Happy Easter! Vote vouchers?

JKnetz OWNER posted Apr 3, 15

Happy Easter everyone!

Take 25% off all web store purchases, (even if you don't celebrate it)!

Click here to visit the store


In other news vote vouchers are officially back for April. So let's get them votes up!

Thanks and enjoy!

Question of the day: Why did the rabbit cross the road??

♦ Ñîçk ♦ Prison-Helpe May I ask how much the voting voucher will be for this month?
friendfreak to get to the idiots house. knock knock whos dere rabbit
clarkston789 It was the annual Bunny Festival and the chicken dressed up as a bunny and Crossed the road.Beware the Chicken-Rabbit!

GTA Store

ChrisGames HEAD-ADMIN posted Mar 27, 15


The GTA store has now opened.

Click this link and navigate to the GTA section to purchase a package:

You can purchase ranks/weapons and a backpack.

If you have any problems with your donation, feel free to email

iTyde IRIS Terra, the whole point of "Donation Weapons" is that you DONATE real money to get them, if you could find them ...
♦ Ñîçk ♦ Prison-Helpe You can appeal for an unban YogecastTB by clicking the following link: ...
YogecastTB Im YogecastTB and i got banned by ChrisGames and i need to get unbanned PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ P.S I got banned för advertisme ...
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